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Trends within hybrid work


As many of us have experienced first hand, the pandemic changed the way we work. A long period of working exclusively from home forced us to change up our work routines. Suddenly, we had to create a different office set-up, a different way of doing meetings and a different way of structuring our day – some began flexing work around family duties and hobbies. 

WGSN has shared some valuable insights into the current work-related tendencies and the trends that will unfold during the next few years. Here we will share and discuss some highlights from their article. 


Working from home increases productivity

The article shares some statistics showing how working from home has increased our productivity. Research shows that hybrid working leads to 15% more productivity while a global study shows that more than 60% of 20,000 respondents said they get more done working from home.


Hybrid work is here to stay

During the pandemic most people had to make do with a makeshift home office. WGSN predicts that people, over the next three years, will prioritize long-term set-ups e.g. with proper furniture that creates a healthy sitting position, just like the BeneSit chair.


Multifunctional products are key

When the office moves into the home, flexible and multifunctional products will become highly valuable. People will be more dependent on products which enables their existing spaces to be transformed into a working environment.

BeneSit’s customers often explain how they enjoy the flexibility of the chair – it works well both as a home office chair as well as a bar stool after working hours.


Design should target the domestic setting

Working from home also creates a need for more things in the home. These things should be designed to fit into the domestic setting rather than office aesthetics as it will create a more soothing and stress-relieving environment.

The BeneSit chair is designed to prevent and minimize back-pain while having a homey Danish design aesthetic. This makes it fit well into many home interior styles and is a great option for the home working environment. 


Thank you to WGSN for some very interesting insights. You can read the full article from WGSN here and more about the BeneSit chair here.

How are you planning on improving your home office in 2023?


Product development based on a personal need

caroline kragh

In 2019 both BeneSit founders – Caroline and her dad, Peter – had issues with back pain. Peter suffered from a herniated disc due to a fall injury and Caroline suffered from lower back pain due to a sedentary life at university. Both found it hard to carry out sedentary work in their daily life without experiencing pain.

Their personal struggles with back pain made up the foundation for developing the BeneSit chair. They wanted a chair with a beautiful design and the functionality which would make it possible to sit in a way that would not cause back pain. They had a hard time finding this on the market and therefore decided to create their own – using themselves as test persons.

Today, BeneSit still values an active sitting position and an aesthetic design. For us, developing a product based on a personal need has – among other things – resulted in very close and engaged customer relationships as well as genuine passion and motivation for the product. 

Click here to read more about how the BeneSit chair prevents back pain.


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Movement is important for back pain relief

Article about back pain

We have come across an interesting article by FysioDanmark Bagsværd in the local magazine Vores Bagsværd, which we will share here. 

The article explores the issue of back pain and describes it as “…a common condition that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives” – in fact, as many as 85% of us!

As the physiotherapists point out in the article, back pain can be complex and what “treatment” is needed can vary greatly from person to person. Some may need acute relief through treatment (e.g. with a physiotherapist) and others may want to prevent pain and stiffness through exercise.

An interesting point in the article is the following:

“What we know about back pain, both acute and persistent and recurrent, today is that the exercise and movement you can do yourself is probably one of the most important elements in achieving relief.”

The quote from the article illustrates how important movement is in the fight against back pain. We have the feeling that many people believe that back pain can only be alleviated through the help of a therapist. Of course, we always recommend that you seek advice on what type of treatment is needed for the specific situation you are facing. But in fact, you can often go a long way with the movement and exercise you can incorporate into your everyday life. Read more about how the BeneSit chair can help you to be more active in your everyday life.

Thanks to FysioDanmark Bagsværd for an interesting article!


26-year-old Caroline is on an entrepreneurial adventure

Team BeneSit

The design engineer Caroline has started the company BeneSit together with her parents, where they produce a handmade, back-stimulating chair in Danish design.

On a cold November day in 2022, the doorbell rang at the Kragh family home, which in addition to being a private residence is also the domicile of the startup company BeneSit Aps.

At the door was a journalist from a local newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, who interviewed Caroline and her mother Anita about their entrepreneurial adventure with the BeneSit chair in the company BeneSit ApS.

The result of that visit from the journalist was this article:

26-year-old Caroline got a call from the lions: – It’s great that our product makes a difference 

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The meeting rooms of the future are flexible

benesit in coloplast

We all know the traditional meeting room with a big wooden table in the middle with chairs around the table and a projector showing a big screen on the end wall.

In recent years, the traditional meeting room has been challenged by new and different meeting rooms that cater more for creativity and different ways of holding meetings.

We at BeneSit find that the BeneSit chair is used in meeting rooms and in open office landscapes.

As this chair is actually developed to counteract back pain due to sedentary work, customers have been asked why they use it in meeting rooms and open office spaces.

The reason is that the chair is super lightweight and has a handle that makes it intuitive and simple to move from room to room, so it can be used as an extra chair (if there are many people at a meeting) or as seating (when there is an informal or unscheduled meeting).

“We hear that the chair is used in creative spaces because the design is alternative and the rounded base makes it fun to sit on and “opens up” creative thoughts and an open, playful mind,” says Peter Kragh, co-founder of BeneSit ApS.

The company “Sessions” is a meeting room expert and have produced this article on the flexible meeting room of the future (in Danish).

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Guide on how to choose the chair height

Benesit chair heights

We often get questions about how to choose the right BeneSit chair height. That’s why we’ve developed the guide below.

💡We always recommend that you choose the chair height based on your own height – so that you achieve a straight posture with your thighs at a downward angle. The picture shows which BeneSit chair is generally suitable for which height.

💡Sometimes it will also be necessary to adapt your choice of chair height to the table at which you will be sitting (if you do not have a height-adjustable table, for example). The picture shows our general recommendations for which BeneSit chair is suitable for which type of table.

Feel free to write to us if you want guidance on your specific situation!

REMEMBER that we offer a free exchange to another chair height on standard chairs if you change your mind.

Just send us an email within 14 days of receipt of the chair requesting an exchange for another size and the chair must appear new (like trying on a pair of shoes in a shoe store).

We hope that you are now clearer about which BeneSit chair is right for you. Click on our webshop and order your chair now!

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A little physical activity makes a difference

Denmark is the country in Europe where we sit down the most hours a day. In the long term, this can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

It may seem overwhelming to minimise sedentary work in an office.

But experts* say that just a little activity can reduce the negative effects of sitting inactively for long periods.

With our back-stimulating chair, we strive to reconcile the two needs; sitting down to work and keeping your body active. Read more on our back pain page.


Image from the Home & Garden Fair, 2022

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Interaction of materials

What makes a product design fantastic?

The answer to this question can of course vary depending on who you ask.

In BeneSit, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s very much about the materials. Their surfaces. Their tactility. Their interaction.

The BeneSit chair combines fabric, leather and metal, with a cork base. These different materials contrast with each other and create an interesting expression despite the chair’s simplicity.

We love working with the different materials – the feel of the fabric between the hands and the smell of the leather.