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Guide on how to choose the chair height

Benesit chair heights

We often get questions about how to choose the right BeneSit chair height. That’s why we’ve developed the guide below.

💡We always recommend that you choose the chair height based on your own height – so that you achieve a straight posture with your thighs at a downward angle. The picture shows which BeneSit chair is generally suitable for which height.

💡Sometimes it will also be necessary to adapt your choice of chair height to the table at which you will be sitting (if you do not have a height-adjustable table, for example). The picture shows our general recommendations for which BeneSit chair is suitable for which type of table.

Feel free to write to us if you want guidance on your specific situation!

REMEMBER that we offer a free exchange to another chair height on standard chairs if you change your mind.

Just send us an email within 14 days of receipt of the chair requesting an exchange for another size and the chair must appear new (like trying on a pair of shoes in a shoe store).

We hope that you are now clearer about which BeneSit chair is right for you. Click on our webshop and order your chair now!