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back pain

Back pain is the most common cause of sickness absence. The back-stimulating chair helps to create an active working day in the office or home office.

BeneSit straightens the back and activates core muscles via biomechanical principles.
The chair’s rounded base keeps the body active.


Strengthens the back

Using biomechanics, the chair straightens the back during use.

Aesthetic design

The chair is created with an innovative, Nordic design.

easy to move

The chair weighs only about 3 kg and has a practical leather handle.


Ecotex-labelled & recyclable materials. Recycled packaging. Chemical-free production. A cork buttom.

exchange to different size

If the chair is too high or low, you can exchange it for another size within 14 days

Specially designed chairs

The chair can be made in many colours. Minimum order is 10 chairs.

danish design

The design of the chair is aesthetic, minimalist and innovative. It looks great at home or in the office.
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BeneSit is lightweight and therefore easy to move around. The soft cork bottom won’t scratch the floor and the conical shape saves space. That’s why BeneSit also works well as an extra chair.

benesit orange
Beneit small sofa

For the office

The chair is for anyone who sits down a lot and wants to avoid back pain from sedentary work.

For the home

BeneSit can be used in many situations in the home; at the high table, in the home office or e.g. as a free standing furniture.

For creative environments

BeneSit is designed to keep your body active. An active body is more creative and the chair is therefore ideal for open spaces and innovative environments.

What customers say

Anne, nurse
It is nice and easy to move around in the appartment and it is a relief for my back
Eric, Trustpilot statement
I didn't really believe in the effect, but after some months, I can now state that I do not have back pain anymore. I have suffered from back pain occasionally in the past 35 years.
Lis, customer
The design is unique - both functional and aestetic. It inspires to do daily stretch and movement exercise. It is excellent
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Anita Heintoft
The chair keeps me active. I use it daily.
Nicholas, injured in back
Somehow, it does something great for my back .... and then it is really nice to look at
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Mia, Trustpilot
It feels good to sit and move on it and it's nice to look at.

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