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Financing the home office

Graph from Statistics Denmark, which shown the development in working from home (among employed people in Denmark)

There is no doubt that during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people had to swap the big office landscape for the home office. 

In fact, more people are sticking to the home office after the pandemic compared to the period before. Research from Statistics Denmark shows that 10.9% of all employed people in Denmark worked from home more than half of the time in the second quarter of 2022, compared to an average of 7.8% in the year before the outbreak of the coronavirus (see illustration).

The good working environment – at home

As home offices are still widely used, there should be a focus on creating a good working environment when working from home. In fact, in Denmark the workplace is responsible for ensuring that the home office complies with the Working Environment Act if the employee works from home at least one day a week. 

A good home workplace must include elements such as an ergonomic work chair and a height-adjustable desk. Ret&Råd writes that there are three options when it comes to financing;

  1. Company purchase – The employee is provided with office furniture by the company. The employee is not taxed.
  2. Private employee purchase – If the employee wants specific furniture, a financial contribution from the company will be taxable for the employee.
  3. Gross salary scheme – The company purchases furniture at the employee’s request and the purchase is financed by the employee taking a small reduction in salary for a period of time. The monthly cost is deducted from the employee’s salary before tax.

Which considerations have you made regarding the setup of your home office?

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