Product development based on a personal need

caroline kragh

In 2019 both BeneSit founders – Caroline and her dad, Peter – had issues with back pain. Peter suffered from a herniated disc due to a fall injury and Caroline suffered from lower back pain due to a sedentary life at university. Both found it hard to carry out sedentary work in their daily life without experiencing pain.

Their personal struggles with back pain made up the foundation for developing the BeneSit chair. They wanted a chair with a beautiful design and the functionality which would make it possible to sit in a way that would not cause back pain. They had a hard time finding this on the market and therefore decided to create their own – using themselves as test persons.

Today, BeneSit still values an active sitting position and an aesthetic design. For us, developing a product based on a personal need has – among other things – resulted in very close and engaged customer relationships as well as genuine passion and motivation for the product. 

Click here to read more about how the BeneSit chair prevents back pain.


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