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Behind the scenes of BeneSit – university, strength training and back pain

CEO and co-founder of BeneSit, Caroline, in 2020 with the newly launched BeneSit chair

Today we invite you behind the scenes of BeneSit, where we will share a personal story of how a personal need evolved into the development of the BeneSit chair. 

In 2019, one of the BeneSit founders, Caroline, was studying to be a design engineer at DTU. Here, much of her time consisted of sitting during lectures and working in project groups or individually at home or at the university. 

The seated position became a large part of her everyday life and as a counterbalance to this she spent much of her free time in the gym. This was intended to minimise the low back pain she was experiencing, but unfortunately ended up having the opposite effect. The switch from a completely sedentary everyday life to heavy strength training was not what her body needed.

Rethinking rather than compensating

Together with Peter, the other founder of BeneSit (and her father), the development of BeneSit began. Rather than compensating for all those sedentary hours with exercise, for example, they wanted to rethink the way we sit. 

It became clear to Caroline that the key is not necessarily what you do AFTER sitting still for many hours, but how you can incorporate different initiatives to AVOID sitting still in the same way for many hours. 

In early 2020, Peter and Caroline introduced the BeneSit chair, which, in addition to being a design furniture, creates the opportunity to have an active and varied day in front of the computer.
If you also want to create more variety in your working posture, you can buy your own BeneSit chair here.

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Launch of new and improved seat

Here you can see the previous seat to the left (red chair) and the new seat to the right (petrol chair)

Today we want to share a little peek “behind the scenes” and into our production. We have been working on further developing the seat of the BeneSit chair and are now launching the new and improved seat!

The new seat…

💚 is moulded foam which minimizes waste

☁️ is made of highest quality foam

⭐️ provides more comfort

⬜️ has a more streamlined look

We refer to our instagram profile where we have shared a small video showing the previous and new seat up close.

We look forward to hearing your opinion on the new seat!


Product development based on a personal need

caroline kragh

In 2019 both BeneSit founders – Caroline and her dad, Peter – had issues with back pain. Peter suffered from a herniated disc due to a fall injury and Caroline suffered from lower back pain due to a sedentary life at university. Both found it hard to carry out sedentary work in their daily life without experiencing pain.

Their personal struggles with back pain made up the foundation for developing the BeneSit chair. They wanted a chair with a beautiful design and the functionality which would make it possible to sit in a way that would not cause back pain. They had a hard time finding this on the market and therefore decided to create their own – using themselves as test persons.

Today, BeneSit still values an active sitting position and an aesthetic design. For us, developing a product based on a personal need has – among other things – resulted in very close and engaged customer relationships as well as genuine passion and motivation for the product. 

Click here to read more about how the BeneSit chair prevents back pain.



26-year-old Caroline is on an entrepreneurial adventure

Team BeneSit

The design engineer Caroline has started the company BeneSit together with her parents, where they produce a handmade, back-stimulating chair in Danish design.

On a cold November day in 2022, the doorbell rang at the Kragh family home, which in addition to being a private residence is also the domicile of the startup company BeneSit Aps.

At the door was a journalist from a local newspaper, Helsingør Dagblad, who interviewed Caroline and her mother Anita about their entrepreneurial adventure with the BeneSit chair in the company BeneSit ApS.

The result of that visit from the journalist was this article:

26-year-old Caroline got a call from the lions: – It’s great that our product makes a difference