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The meeting rooms of the future are flexible

benesit in coloplast

We all know the traditional meeting room with a big wooden table in the middle with chairs around the table and a projector showing a big screen on the end wall.

In recent years, the traditional meeting room has been challenged by new and different meeting rooms that cater more for creativity and different ways of holding meetings.

We at BeneSit find that the BeneSit chair is used in meeting rooms and in open office landscapes.

As this chair is actually developed to counteract back pain due to sedentary work, customers have been asked why they use it in meeting rooms and open office spaces.

The reason is that the chair is super lightweight and has a handle that makes it intuitive and simple to move from room to room, so it can be used as an extra chair (if there are many people at a meeting) or as seating (when there is an informal or unscheduled meeting).

“We hear that the chair is used in creative spaces because the design is alternative and the rounded base makes it fun to sit on and “opens up” creative thoughts and an open, playful mind,” says Peter Kragh, co-founder of BeneSit ApS.

The company “Sessions” is a meeting room expert and have produced this article on the flexible meeting room of the future (in Danish).

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