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Trends within hybrid work


As many of us have experienced first hand, the pandemic changed the way we work. A long period of working exclusively from home forced us to change up our work routines. Suddenly, we had to create a different office set-up, a different way of doing meetings and a different way of structuring our day – some began flexing work around family duties and hobbies. 

WGSN has shared some valuable insights into the current work-related tendencies and the trends that will unfold during the next few years. Here we will share and discuss some highlights from their article. 


Working from home increases productivity

The article shares some statistics showing how working from home has increased our productivity. Research shows that hybrid working leads to 15% more productivity while a global study shows that more than 60% of 20,000 respondents said they get more done working from home.


Hybrid work is here to stay

During the pandemic most people had to make do with a makeshift home office. WGSN predicts that people, over the next three years, will prioritize long-term set-ups e.g. with proper furniture that creates a healthy sitting position, just like the BeneSit chair.


Multifunctional products are key

When the office moves into the home, flexible and multifunctional products will become highly valuable. People will be more dependent on products which enables their existing spaces to be transformed into a working environment.

BeneSit’s customers often explain how they enjoy the flexibility of the chair – it works well both as a home office chair as well as a bar stool after working hours.


Design should target the domestic setting

Working from home also creates a need for more things in the home. These things should be designed to fit into the domestic setting rather than office aesthetics as it will create a more soothing and stress-relieving environment.

The BeneSit chair is designed to prevent and minimize back-pain while having a homey Danish design aesthetic. This makes it fit well into many home interior styles and is a great option for the home working environment. 


Thank you to WGSN for some very interesting insights. You can read the full article from WGSN here and more about the BeneSit chair here.

How are you planning on improving your home office in 2023?

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