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Movement is important for back pain relief

Article about back pain

We have come across an interesting article by FysioDanmark Bagsværd in the local magazine Vores Bagsværd, which we will share here. 

The article explores the issue of back pain and describes it as “…a common condition that many of us have experienced at least once in our lives” – in fact, as many as 85% of us!

As the physiotherapists point out in the article, back pain can be complex and what “treatment” is needed can vary greatly from person to person. Some may need acute relief through treatment (e.g. with a physiotherapist) and others may want to prevent pain and stiffness through exercise.

An interesting point in the article is the following:

“What we know about back pain, both acute and persistent and recurrent, today is that the exercise and movement you can do yourself is probably one of the most important elements in achieving relief.”

The quote from the article illustrates how important movement is in the fight against back pain. We have the feeling that many people believe that back pain can only be alleviated through the help of a therapist. Of course, we always recommend that you seek advice on what type of treatment is needed for the specific situation you are facing. But in fact, you can often go a long way with the movement and exercise you can incorporate into your everyday life. Read more about how the BeneSit chair can help you to be more active in your everyday life.

Thanks to FysioDanmark Bagsværd for an interesting article!

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