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Customized BeneSit chairs

Did you know that you can design your very own BeneSit chair?

We want to support the use of BeneSit chairs in a great variety of use scenarios and interior design expressions. Therefore, we offer custom design where you can choose between 24 colors for both the top and the bottom section of the chair (see the pictures). 

You can see all 24 colors here and on the picture above.

Order your custom designed BeneSit chairs via this link.

Custom design chairs are the same price as standard chairs and delivery time is up to approx. 8-12 weeks.

Which colors you pick? 😍

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A holistic approach and the revolutionary table

A BeneSit chair in size L used at a high kitchen table

Many people might think that a good sitting position requires a good chair. And we don’t disagree with that. But it definitely also requires a good table!

In BeneSit, we are often in dialogue with customers who want to use the BeneSit chair in a work situation. Then we ask about their work setup, as it is important for us to get a holistic picture of what it looks like when they are working. 

Through our collaboration with an occupational therapist, statements from experts and from our own experience, we have found that sitting tall with your knees below hip height and having an open hip is essential for a good posture.

To achieve this good sitting position, many people will find that the usual fixed office desks and dining tables are too low. The height-adjustable desk has made it possible to do personal adjustments and actually made it possible for office workers to choose the right chair for themselves, rather than choosing the right chair for the table.

We therefore always recommend using a height-adjustable desk, but also know that many people don’t have access to it in a home working situation. In this context, we want to inspire you to think a little “out of the box” and raise the computer to the ideal height (for example, by using a thick book or similar) in order to still be able to choose the chair that fits you.

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New report from The Danish Health Authority

Picture from The Danish Health Authority report

The Danish Health Authority has recently published an updated report on the burden of disease in Denmark.

It contains interesting results and focuses on 15 selected diseases that are significant in terms of prevalence, hospitalizations, contacts with the hospital and practice sector, early retirement, long-term sick leave, economic consequences, etc. Moreover, they have a certain prevention potential.

In particular, lower back and neck pain have an incredibly high prevalence in Denmark. In Denmark, more than 1.6 million people were living with lower back and neck pain in 2017. This, of course, has a major impact on our well-being and health, but it also has major economic consequences for society.

Overall, lower back and neck pain is the cause of 25.5% of all sick days and accounts for almost DKK 39,000 million annually in lost production due to absence from the labor market and early death. 

In BeneSit, we want to help reduce these figures through our alternative office chair. The BeneSit chair strengthens and activates the back and abdominal muscles and helps to create a healthier and more upright sitting position.

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