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One chair – many possibilities

BeneSit chairs in different environments – both in private homes, in learning institutions and companies

With the BeneSit chair, we have used classic shapes, a simple construction and high quality materials. This gives the chair a design that can be used in many different situations – both in terms of visual expression and functional needs.

Be inspired by the many possibilities that exist with the BeneSit chair. Above we have gathered some examples of how differently the chair can be used – only the imagination sets the limits!

Remember that you can design your own BeneSit chair, both as a private person and as a company or organization. That way, we can create exactly the look that fits your environment!

Read more about customized BeneSit chairs here and contact us at if you have any questions.

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Financing the home office

Graph from Statistics Denmark, which shown the development in working from home (among employed people in Denmark)

There is no doubt that during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people had to swap the big office landscape for the home office. 

In fact, more people are sticking to the home office after the pandemic compared to the period before. Research from Statistics Denmark shows that 10.9% of all employed people in Denmark worked from home more than half of the time in the second quarter of 2022, compared to an average of 7.8% in the year before the outbreak of the coronavirus (see illustration).

The good working environment – at home

As home offices are still widely used, there should be a focus on creating a good working environment when working from home. In fact, in Denmark the workplace is responsible for ensuring that the home office complies with the Working Environment Act if the employee works from home at least one day a week. 

A good home workplace must include elements such as an ergonomic work chair and a height-adjustable desk. Ret&Råd writes that there are three options when it comes to financing;

  1. Company purchase – The employee is provided with office furniture by the company. The employee is not taxed.
  2. Private employee purchase – If the employee wants specific furniture, a financial contribution from the company will be taxable for the employee.
  3. Gross salary scheme – The company purchases furniture at the employee’s request and the purchase is financed by the employee taking a small reduction in salary for a period of time. The monthly cost is deducted from the employee’s salary before tax.

Which considerations have you made regarding the setup of your home office?

The BeneSit chair can be a way to bring more movement into everyday life in the home office. Find out more here.

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Customized BeneSit chairs

Did you know that you can design your very own BeneSit chair?

We want to support the use of BeneSit chairs in a great variety of use scenarios and interior design expressions. Therefore, we offer custom design where you can choose between 24 colors for both the top and the bottom section of the chair (see the pictures). 

You can see all 24 colors here and on the picture above.

Order your custom designed BeneSit chairs via this link.

Custom design chairs are the same price as standard chairs and delivery time is up to approx. 8-12 weeks.

Which colors you pick? 😍

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A look inside a home office

We have been so lucky to get a look into a customer’s home and home office. She uses the BeneSit chair both in her home office and as a freestanding piece of furniture. The pictures above show how well the chair fits into her beautiful home. 

She says the following about the chair:

“For many years I have had pain in my back. In particular, I tend to ‘slump’ in my upper back when I sit and work. It has become a focal point for me! And I have FINALLY found a chair that can help me.

It is produced in Denmark and assembled by hand by the family owned company BeneSit.

The core of the chair is made of 100% recyclable material and the fabric is Oeko tex certified. It is easy to move as it has a practical leather handle.

But the best thing is that it’s good for my back. I can feel that I straighten my back when I sit on the chair. And it doesn’t matter that it also acts as a sculpture in the room when not in use.”

We love getting these small glimpses into our customers’ lives and homes and hope you do too!
See more of the customer’s beautiful home here and shop your own BeneSit chair here.

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“Resimercial” design

The BeneSit chair creates a homey and flexible work environment

Following on from last week’s blog post on trends in hybrid working and working from home, this week we’ll be delving into the principles of “resimercial” design. 

The word “resimercial” combines “residencial” and “commercial” and Work Design Magazine predicts that this concept will increasingly influence the way we design office landscapes and workplaces going forward. 

As Work Design Magazine describes here, the concept of “resimercial design” is about incorporating the comforts of the home environment into our work environment. The aim of this is to make the workplace a more comfortable place, which is a key factor in employee well-being and health. People are increasingly becoming the source of companies’ value – so it is important that the workplace supports its employees both mentally and physically.

Specifically, ‘resimercial design’ can be incorporated by using domestic artefacts such as lamps and carpets, adding multi-sensory elements such as plants, music and scents or by incorporating flexible ways of working. Flexibility in the workplace, for example, can be achieved by having flexible meeting spaces and offering employees alternative seating options.

Read more about our customized BeneSit chairs, which are ideal for companies that want to create more flexible working environments and focus more on employee well-being.

What would you implement in your company to create a more homey atmosphere?