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Movement that benefits body and creativity

Sedentary work can cause back pain, if movement is not incorporated throughout the working day.

Studies show that just a little movement during the working day has great benefits. This is both in regards to avoiding lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, but also shoulder, back and neck pain.

There can be many reasons for not incorporating movement into the working day. Therefore, we encourage you to think about how movement can be incorporated in a way that does not “work against” your daily tasks. Perhaps it can even improve the quality of work, support creativity and boost energy? 

Here are some ideas for bringing movement into the working day.

  • Plan an internal meeting with a colleague as a “walk and talk”. Often, seeing something else than the four walls of the meeting room while talking can bring new ideas and perspectives.
  • Use the adjustable table to vary your sitting position. Stand up and sit down – preferably on different chairs.
  • Finish your lunch break with a walk around the building. It brings you fresh air and aids digestion.
  • Use the BeneSit chair to activate your back muscles while sitting. The rounded bottom keeps you moving, even though the movements are barely visible. Read more here
  • Get in a few extra steps by using a toilet that’s a little further away.
  • Do a few stretches while waiting at the coffee machine. Even a few neck rolls also makes a difference

How do you incorporate movement into your workday in a way that also benefits your work?

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