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BeneSit Grey Ergonomic Office Chair


BeneSit with grey seat and dark grey core is a handmade, Danish designed, back stimulating chair. The chair will be noticed for its stylish design and functionality. When you sit on BeneSit, you will feel it in your back immediately. This exclusive, handmade piece of furniture is used as a complement to a regular office chair, as an extra chair in meeting rooms or as a free-standing sculpture.

When you sit on BeneSit, biomechanical principles makes you straighten your back. The chair’s rounded bottom also keeps your body sit actively.

4 Chair heights: Small: 50cm Medium: 60cm Large: 70cm X-Large: 80cm

Pre-assembled package (1 chair): 76cm x 38cm x 38cm.


BeneSit is an ergonomic office chair in Danish design

BeneSit Grey Ergonomic Office Chair with grey seat and dark grey cone is a Danish designed and produced chair that straightens the back and activates the core. The chair is good for your back, as you sit high and have your legs at a downwards angle, where biomechanical principles make you straighten and stretch your back. Read more about BeneSit Grey here and learn more about back pain in relation to sitting posture here. BeneSit also has a different and minimalistic, Danish design, and is easy to move around.

With the environment in mind, we use eco-labelled and recyclable materials. We use cork for the bottom, as it is environmentally friendly and does not scratch the floor.

BeneSit Grey Ergonomic Office Chair that is an alternative or complement to a regular office chair. It is perfect for home office and as an extra chair for informal meetings and extra guests.

General recommendations when choosing chair height:

A) Person height (a specific person is primary user of the chair):
Under approx. 163cm = Small. Small is 50cm high.
Approx. 163-175cm = Medium. Medium is 60cm high.
Approx. 176-192cm = Large. Large is 70cm high.
Over approx. 193cm =X Large. X-large is 80cm high.

B) Table height (A specific table is the primary work space):
Desk/dining table = Medium
High table = Large

The design engineer Caroline is CEO of BeneSit Aps, a Danish owned family business. She designed the chair together with her father (Peter) in the beginning of 2019, as they both had back pain after sedentary work. Occupational therapists and people with chronic back pain were involved in developing the chair. We sell the chair via, and via retailers.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 76 × 38 × 38 cm

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